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Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj

Samvat 2070, Chaitra Vad 5, Ravivar

Online Satsang Exams

Saturday 11 Dec 2010
Venue: Sydney, 1-3 Tasha Place, Kings Park, Sydney, NSW 2148, Australia

Dharmik Pariksha

2010 has been a great year with loads of events and utsavs. It is almost the end of the Hindu Year, and time to re-cap on what we have learnt over the year. Sydney Temple has been doing satsang exams for 3 consecutive years and this will be the 4th one. We believe that if every educational organisation such as Schools or Universities have exams then why should Satsang be any different.

The Date - 11 Dec 2010

  • The date is after uni exams, which will give uni students a good 2 weeks of revision time. It is recommended that Non-uni satsangi devotees should start early revision and not wait till the last minute, as university students are very fast learners. They can catch up very fast.
  • The date is just before Annual santos arrive, meaning santos can hand the awards to the best performing devotees.

Examination Strategy

  • There will be 4 levels in the examination (oral <10 years, easy 10-15 years,medium ,hard)
  • The age line between hard and easy is blurry as there could be satsangi devotees who are young, wanting to do the hard level, and vice versa
  • Examination is like an utsav event, it creates utsah to study deeper and engages the satsang community to create an enviroment to discuss about satsang topics
  • Material that was covered in this year will be tested on, this will allow to know how well the material was digested, and what we need to improve on.

Examination Topics

  1. Hinduism 
  2. Beginnning of Satsang in Bhuj
  3. Mahant Swami Archyutdasji's Akhyan
  4. Bhuj Mandir's history, the current Bhuj Mandir & the Bhuj Yagna
  5. My Involvement in my Yuvak Mandal (Del-rio Shibir Presentation)
  6. Paksh (Interstate Shibir Presentation)
  7. Nischay - GMP 31 (First workshop after Interstate Shibir)
  8. Bharatji's Akhyan - GAP 17 (How do you create love in God ?)
  9. Mara Vahlaji shu Valaap Dise re (GMP 46, Vadtal 11) (Why the kirtan should be sung everyday ?)
  10. Ashtang / Panchang Pranaam
  11. Nitya Niyam & Chesta
  12. Mansi Pooja 
  13. Maharaaj's Tils & Chins
  14. Sneh Gita ( The current scripture that is being read in sabhaa)
  15. Mandir ni Maryada
  16. Kirtans
  17. General Satsang Knowledge

Examination Revision

  • Presentations can be downloaded at the presentations page
  • Vachnamrut can be found at Scriptures page. English Vachnamrut , Gujarati Vachnamrut & Lipi Vachnamrut are available for download.
  • Tils / Chins can be practiced online at the games page and a  high resolution murti is also available.
  • Multiple Choice Revision pdf is available for download, it contains the full list of 285 questions.
  •, Satsang Exam Practice Game with highscores can be played online. The idea has been borrowed from RTA's Knowledge Practice Test. Anyone who will play the game again and again or reads the mulitple choice revision pdf is guaranteed to get 80%+ in exams. 
  • Exams will include multiple choice questions, one word answer questions and one sentence answer questions. It will not include essays. 

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