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Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj

Samvat 2070, Chaitra Vad 9, Budhvar

Summer Camp 2010

Saturday 25 Dec - 28 Dec 2010
Venue: Sydney, 1-3 Tasha Place, Kings Park, Sydney, NSW 2148, Australia

Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Sydney kindly invites you to 2.5-Day Camp 2010 themed "Bhakti" starting on 24th Evening - 27th Midday December 2010 at New Gokula Farm, Cessnock, NSW. Summer Camp 2010 is an experience you cannot miss, just ask the youngsters who attended the previous camps. No doubt with the arrival of Saints from Bhuj, it will be bigger and better and you can be part of it.

This multi-activity camp combines sports, arts, play, creativity as well as Spiritual education. It’s filled with no-stop energy and pure unforgettable fun. We guarantee a fantastic time with a challenging experience amongst a supportive group living environment. Attendees will build relationship with new friends and saints as well as learn to take on responsibilities. Incase one cannot attend the full time, they can attend the open day on either Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th December 2010.


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